Evidence-Based Management Journal Clubs
Need to provide your management team with practical, high impact, remote training grounded in evidence?

One hour conference calls for sales leaders on new and emerging literature, including a discussion of key findings and practical takeaways to drive their business.
Previous topics have included: goal setting, feedback, leadership, empowerment, trust, performance appraisal
Academic (Ph.D.) facilitation support provided.

Conference/Evidence Updates
Having access to the latest management evidence provides you with a competitive advantage in developing training initiatives.

Inteflex attends, on your behalf, key academic conferences and will compile the evidence, insights and practical takeaways most relevant to you and your sales force.

Advanced Sales Management Workshops

Custom-built sales management workshops that utilize academic and industry evidence to support behavior change and address your
unique sales management goals.
We incorporate scientific research into the development of management courses thereby providing your sales team with a foundation of sound management practice.

Evidence Requests
Have a question about what the evidence says regarding a certain topic? We can quickly get you the answer.

Inteflex will search academic literature (meta-analysis, individual studies), review and summarize the data and conclusions, speak with relevant subject matter experts, and make recommendations to improve your current and future programs.

In much the same way healthcare practitioners today modify their approach to diagnosis and treatment when new medical evidence is unveiled, Evidence@Work® can help your sales management team and emerging leaders modify their approach to coaching, motivation, persuasion, sales training, performance management and business management, based on the latest evidence in those fields.

As a training and development expert, you will instantly elevate your value and department’s offerings by integrating management and behavioral science evidence with industry insight and best practices, thereby avoiding management fads.

Increases sales performance by utilizing practices that are evidence-based
Reduces time and energy spent on initiatives that do not increase performance
Provides experienced managers with the evidence needed to support behavior change
Evaluates and critiques current practices with regard to the latest evidence
Exposes science-based healthcare companies to the science behind manager, trainer and sales representative performance


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