Sales Process

We can help you develop a sales process that identifies, captures, and disseminates your best sales performers’ distinct sales strategies, tactics, and tips for unique customer groups. This framework will allow your sales force to develop targeted call and key account strategies, provide your managers with laser focus in their field coaching, and provide leaders with valuable metrics to assess sales force effectiveness.

Account Management (Including Metrics)

Complex accounts, longer sales cycles, multiple decision makers, and a diverse customer base require decision frameworks to ensure that a sales force can identify and capitalize on opportunities to provide sustained value to key accounts. Inteflex will work with your organization to identify critical success factors and effective ways to measure progress and performance. We will also help your team understand how to best prioritize efforts, account tactics, call points and strategies to manage and accelerate sales in key accounts.

Business & Functional Plans

Inteflex can help your sales leaders develop practical, focused business and functional plans to maintain sales momentum and improve your market position during the year. We can help you design and build key account, district, region, and national business plans that are actionable, living documents that guide your business month to month, quarter to quarter. We can also design a business plan review process that elevates field sales accountability, allows for a healthy vetting process and supports cross-functional communication and execution.


Critical Behavior Guide

Allowing employees to focus their energy on the most crucial aspects of their job will improve role clarity, which is proven to drive performance. Inteflex will work with your top performers to identify and validate the critical behaviors (not broad competencies) that drive sales. We describe what “great” looks like in the job; these behaviors, in turn, become the foundation for specific performance feedback, expectation setting, evaluation and employee self-assessment and development.

Advanced Sales Skills and Sales Management Training

We know that off-the-shelf training solutions don’t reflect the complex, nuanced approach of your unique sales force, marketplace, and sale. Inteflex will work with you to design training solutions that respect the experience of your team. Our training is always custom, designed from the ground up for your sales representatives and/or management team, and will improve the effectiveness of your entire sales organization. Past topics for representative training have included selling impact and account management skills; topics for management training have included execution, coaching top performers, and disrupting sales force complacency.

Evidence @ Work®

Our work is grounded in behavioral science and management research literature, not management fads. Inteflex merges industry practical experience with academic theory to identify sales force effectiveness solutions for your organization. We incorporate scientific research into the development of our sales management courses and thereby provide your leadership teams with a foundation for sound management practice.

Consulting Services

Inteflex provides highly tailored consulting services to meet your sales force effectiveness needs. Our consulting projects have included supporting Vice Presidents of Sales in building a functional plan, building a scorecard to assess the effectiveness of a newly acquired sales force, and training first line managers to develop, conduct and evaluate local sales initiatives.

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